Letters from K-a collab

Merry belated Christmas!!! Last month when Kate wrote to Kit, Kit replied here.  Kit's owner/mom *awkward* Natalie just got a NEW DOLL! So TOTALLY check her blog out for info about that and to see Kit's new reply. And now, Kate's new letter! ;)

Dear Kit,
YOU ARE GETTING A NEW SISTER??!!?!?!?!? WOW!!!!! Who is she? Please please send pictures!!! That would be so cute about our cats! Licorice is sitting on my lap as I write this, and she says meow to yours! :) 

Which sister said that about unicorns? She needs a dash of reality...;)  I am putting a pic of Starlight when my sister Elizabeth was riding her. I am getting really excited for Christmas! How about you?

And here is the picture! (it came from this post)

So tune in to the AG spot for the next installment which should be posted sometime today. :)

P.s. Next post is some of what I got for doll clothes/ accessories this Christmas!!! :)
P.p.s. Sorry about the random white blotches........


  1. Awww! I love this collab :) Can't wait to see what you got for Christmas!
    - Katie :)

    1. :) :) :) :) You made me smile! Thanks for always commenting sweet thing!!!! :) :)

  2. I can't wait to see what you got! I'm having so much fun with this collab!

  3. Aww, I love this collab! And I totally can't wait to see what you got for Christmas!



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