Review of OG's Sweet shop playset // some of what I got for Christmas

Disclaimer: Please ignore the awful graininess of the opening picture you see before you open the post up.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! in advance.... ;) I got a good amount of adorable doll clothes and accessories this Christmas. A few outfits I have to save for photoshoots to show you, and one I have to save for spring. It's just made for spring! Possibly my favorite thing I got was the AG baseball hat.


Here it is.  It's been in stores for a while, but it's still cute!

All the little pieces in comparison with her hand....I really like the soft-serve cones! Unfortunately, there is nowhere to store the treats. I think this set was meant to be a add on to the ice cream truck, not a stand alone.

Hmm, where are the ice cream prices??? ;) I like this sign, and the chalkboard is double sided. Again, there is nowhere to hang the banner. (hint hint buy the ice cream truck XD) I just looped around the sign.

The apron is really cute! It's a classic OG design with velcro at the neck and classic ties at the waist.

Everything together, and you can see how tall the sign is in comparison to Kate.  And yes, I also got the stripes and dots swimsuit from AG. :) I totally recommend it, it's cute and stylish at the same time. 

Next post is a wintery photo-shoot showing more of what I got. Hint: the dress Elizabeth's wearing may make her want to celebrate. ;) Let me know in your comment if you know what I'm talking about! 


  1. Gabriella's celebration dress? Oh my gosh I got a set like that too! Mine is a My Life As set. That swim suit is so cute oh my goodness!!!!
    -Katie :)

    1. Soooooo close, but no! Good guess! I know, it is adorable!

  2. This is such a cute set! :D You got the stripes and dots swimsuit?! I did too!

    ~Kaitlyn @ Kaits AG Crafts

    1. :) You did too? Awesome! Don't you love it so much? :)


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