40th post.

Approximately one year since Just AG started.

And yet...

here we are again. A (predictable) hiatus/explanation/excuse post.

Yes, I'm not dead. Yes, I totally tapped out of the blogosphere, my blogging email, and this blog.

But I didn't tap out of dreaming about posts, snapping pictures, and literally backpacking a doll up the mountain just to get that perfect shot. (true story that will be told in due time :D)

I have some REALLY exciting news, over 6 post ideas, and tons of pictures that I would love to share! :) You may be saying/thinking right now,

"Seriously, then just get back on and blog!"

I wish I could. Honestly! But...I have so much going on right now in my life. To give you an idea, below is a list ⬇️ (and in no way am i trying to boast)

The biggest thing: SCHOOL. I've got basically all honors courses AKA more work. (like, a LOT more work -_-)Music lessons + hour practicing per day (which I love but it still takes up time)regular life I know, n…

The Last Rose of Summer (although there are no roses in this post)

The title... I know it's confusing...

 Hey guys! I took some pictures of Kit a while ago near a covered bridge. You can see it in the background of some of these photos. Even though there aren't any roses, Kit's dress is the perfect red to go with the rosy covered bridge. (or at least I think so😉)

So you know what you're looking at, here's the bridge:

Now on to the pictures! :)

A very different post...

Hey guyz! This post is not something I usually do, as you may have guessed from the title. I'm doing a game type post inspired by Forever American Girl! I'm doing it because I procrastinated again for a change of pace, I mean. ;) 

So it's basically one of those guess-the-doll games where I blur out a picture and you guys guess who it is! At the bottom are the answers, but I'll make the letters small so it doesn't spoil it. :) If you have a sec, I'd love to hear who you thought it was down in the comments!

 One more thing-these are three Girl of the Year dolls. None of them are in their meet outfits. That would be way too easy. 😏

#1: (Moderately Easy)

#2: (Harder and more blurred than #1)

#3: (If you get this right away....i need to make it harder or you are a GOTY superstar 🌠)

So what do you think? Too easy? Not easy enough? I'd appreciate feedback! Also, if you guys like it, I might make this a monthly series. :D

ANSWERS: (You may need to highlight and/or c…

Natural Style //a photoshoot

See what I did with the title? 😉 Don't judge my terrible puns, I had to come up with something! XD

 Remember this post? Ahh, the blurry pictures of a indoor blogger. Anyway, in that post I said I had to save an outfit for spring to show you guys. Today Ashtyn is modeling it next to some green flora that really blends with the outfit and her eyes. :)

These next four pictures are very similar...but if you look closely a lone sun flare photo bombed them. I only realized it after I uploaded the pictures. *face-palm*