Petite in Pink- a photoshoot with Kate

Hiiii! I went out into the cold once again to take some pictures. You're welcome.😉 Hope you enjoy them! P.s. None of the sun flares were edited into the pictures. They were natural. :)

So what did you, the reader, think? What was your favorite picture(s)?  As always, thank you SO much for reading this! 

Winter with a flair-a photoshoot

Heyyy guys! Samantha's Paisley awards are upon us, and I was nominated for best AG photography by the Human and Katie. Thanks so much! <3 <3 Anyway, I was already not super happy with the picture quality in my last post, and now I get two nominations for best pictures?! Totally perfect timing. ;) I feel like I need to post a photo shoot that shows better pictures. So without further adieu, here is Winter with a Flair. It includes all three dolls, but Elizabeth has the most pictures.

P.s. No dolls were harmed in the making of this production, though some complained about the cold. However, human fingers were risked for the readers of this blog, going numb just for my pickiness to take the perfect picture you readers.  




Review of OG's Sweet shop playset // some of what I got for Christmas

Disclaimer: Please ignore the awful graininess of the opening picture you see before you open the post up.

HAPPY NEW YEAR! in advance.... ;) I got a good amount of adorable doll clothes and accessories this Christmas. A few outfits I have to save for photoshoots to show you, and one I have to save for spring. It's just made for spring! Possibly my favorite thing I got was the AG baseball hat.


Here it is.  It's been in stores for a while, but it's still cute!

All the little pieces in comparison with her hand....I really like the soft-serve cones! Unfortunately, there is nowhere to store the treats. I think this set was meant to be a add on to the ice cream truck, not a stand alone.

Hmm, where are the ice cream prices??? ;) I like this sign, and the chalkboard is double sided. Again, there is nowhere to hang the banner. (hint hint buy the ice cream truck XD) I just looped around the sign.

The apron is really cute! It's a classic OG design with velcro at the neck and …

Letters from K-a collab

Merry belated Christmas!!! Last month when Kate wrote to Kit, Kit replied here.  Kit's owner/mom *awkward* Natalie just got a NEW DOLL! So TOTALLY check her blog out for info about that and to see Kit's new reply. And now, Kate's new letter! ;)

Dear Kit, YOU ARE GETTING A NEW SISTER??!!?!?!?!? WOW!!!!! Who is she? Please please send pictures!!! That would be so cute about our cats! Licorice is sitting on my lap as I write this, and she says meow to yours! :) 
Which sister said that about unicorns? She needs a dash of reality...;)  I am putting a pic of Starlight when my sister Elizabeth was riding her. I am getting really excited for Christmas! How about you? Sincerly, Kate
And here is the picture! (it came from this post)
So tune in to the AG spot for the next installment which should be posted sometime today. :)
P.s. Next post is some of what I got for doll clothes/ accessories this Christmas!!! :) P.p.s. Sorry about the random white blotches........

Decorating the Christmas tree-a photostory

Hello again! Something is wrong here. Christmas is extremely close, and this is my first Christmas post. 0-0 *laughs nervously* Sorry about that...
  But moving on, here's a photo-story about my dolls finally decorating a mini tree. 


"Ginger! Come back here!" Kate hurried along the hallway, trying not to spoil her new hairstyle.

Suddenly, she saw what Ginger was barking at-a huge Christmas tree!

"Wait WHAT?!?!?! We got a tree and no one told me??"

She fingered the branches and the fresh needles, breathing in the green pine scent.

"What's going on Kate?" Ashtyn asked, and then she saw it. "Woah! We got a tree?"

Elizabeth gracefully followed Ashtyn into the room. "Ooh, I love it! Let's decorate it! Ashtyn, can you grab the ornaments please?"  Ashtyn hopped off with Ginger at her h…