Julie with a bit of Bokeh

This pic above ↑ was definitely my favorite that I took in this shoot. :) I didn't edit it. However, most of the other pictures are edited because I had to sharpen them and such. You might be asking, " did you do it without editing???" Well, my friends (XD), it's one hack I found online. You take a laptop and full-screen a bokeh image. Go into a dark room and set a piece of aluminum foil on your keyboard. (I didn't waste foil, I actually just used a mirror type paper) Then place your mini doll, figurine, or knickknack on the paper and turn off the lights. Snap a few shots, and....voila! Stunning effects from an easy hack. :) It does take some sharpening work though because of the setting. Now you know my secret...

But anyway. Here they are!

Please let me know your fav in the comments down below! And as always, thanks a million for reading!

P.s. Look out for next week's's going to be awesome. (may or may not be a collab 😉)

Tags&Awards Part 2

Heh much for halving my weekly post...XD Anyway, let's just start, shall we?

I got this from Madison. I also got it from Mary E.  AND I got it from Katie too! Does this mean my blog is 3x more lovely? ;) Thanks Mary E, Katie, and Madi!

Thank the person who nominated you and provide a link to their blog.Write a post about the award.Share seven (7) facts about you, yourself, and you.Nominate one or two or fifteen more lovely blogs and tell them the good news!
Hmm, let's see...  I'm a music lover. I love to listen to it, but I also play the piano, drums, recorder, starting the flute, and a little guitar. :) I have two rabbits and I did have a fish-until recently. (Funny story...the fish (Sammy) once went for 2 weeks without food and he lived for over 3 years XD) I'm a voracious reader. My spare time is filled with regrets! After reading numerous series, I consider myself a... Rivendell Elf, a Ravenclaw, an Apollo from Camp-Half-Blood, an otter from Red…

Tags&Awards Part 1

Hiiiii! I've been racking up tags and awards for a while, and I figured I'd better do them...before they EXPLODE!


That was random, sorry. (XD) I just wanna say one more thing before I start. You might have noticed my writing style has changed a little. (hopefully for the better!) Anyway...

– Create your own AG Q&A Tag button. If you don’t know how, you can skip this step. – Thank and give a link to the blog of the person that nominated you. – Nominate 3-5 other AG doll bloggers. – Come up with at least five questions for the dolls that you nominate. You can include your questions on your post, or send them to your nominees. – Do not ask any personal or inappropriate questions. – Have your doll that was nominated answer the questions given. – List these rules on your blog post. – Notify the people/dolls that you nominate and send them a link to your post.
I got this tag from Kaitlyn @Kaits AG Crafts. Thanks Kaitlyn! She nominated Ashtyn. I'll give her the k…

Thoughts on AG's release (with a skeptical Ashtyn ;)

AG has blown us away again! They just released like...a million things. I'm kiddinggg XD It does seem like it though when you first look at their website. I'm not going to do Welly Wishers, Bitty Baby, or any dolls. I'm just going to do the stuff that stood out to me. :)

I should probably mention that Ashtyn will be roasting them. (I mean commenting heh heh...) She'll be in bold. :)

DISCLAIMER: Her comments are meant to funny, so don't take her too seriously. ;)

Wait what?

*coughs nervously*

DISCLAIMER: The pics are not mine, obviously. :) Anyway, let's just start! :)

Sorry, just one more thing, the above image is mine that I created. Please don't steal it. :) (if you're dying to have one just email me)

That's How We Roll PJ's

Awww! Those flip-flops are sooooo fluffy!

Sushi is like..slimy....why would anyone want to sleep in it?

Seriously Ashtyn? -_-

Xbox® Gaming Set

Oh. My. Goodness. IT'S A WORKING PROJECTOR! Soooo cuteeeeee!'s really…


*blows off dust*

 It's been a while.

Who am I kidding? It's been over 3 months!

I owe you an explanation...

Currently school is finished for me, so I just wanted to let you guys know that I should be posting soon. Hopefully. I'm not quite back in the blogoshpere yet...but I will be when I start posting again. :)

Thanks for bearing with me. ❤️❤️❤️

p.s. any questions or random things i missed that you'd like me to see comment 'em below. :D

Elizabeth in the Snow......and an announcement

Hi guys! So, I'm just gonna come right out and say it. I'm...disappointed in myself. I said I'd try to post once a week, but three weeks later here I am....not posting.....

 School is crazy for me. Life is crazy for me right now. I need a break from blogging. I just need.... a hiatus. Not only from posting, but from being in the blogosphere altogether. After a few weeks I might be back in the blogosphere, but I won't be posting for a while. (Not sure exactly how long yet) I'm sorry, but for the next few weeks I'm taking a breather. I want some time to think about new posts, and once I get back I should have more time to post anyway.

Ahem. After that depressing paragraph....I hope you can still enjoy these pictures of Elizabeth (in the snow, lol) 
P.s. I actually took a risk and laid her in the snow! *shivers* XD ;)

What did you guys think? By the way, I will still be answering your comments though for the next week. See you later! :)

P.s. If you're a new …