~Julie in the Garden~

I feel like Julie's groovy outfit, with its bright colors and floral print, was made for this photo shoot.
So I found a really quiet, nature-y garden at a large park. It was cute, had a lot of butterflies, and loads of brightly blooming flowers. Plus, a TON of cute places for a picture. :)  
This was the epitome of a mini-doll summer photo shoot. I seized the opportunity. :) Enjoy!!

summer compilation

Hello person reading this! :D

I was brainstorming on a patriotic post for yesterday's holiday, July 4th. Instead of the classic red, white, and blue photo shoot (though that would have probably been better, haha), I went for a summer look-book of my past summery pictures. Can you believe it's ALREADY JULY!??!


Just me?


And possible my favorite of all time, there's just something about it:

Oh and uh, one more thing. I was reading back through my old posts, and I came across as cocky sometimes. *cringe* Totally unintentional, and apologies if it seemed like boasting. 
Well...on that awkward note... 

Wait. I can't end it like that. I have to give you a REAL summer picture. 

Now I can pop in the sign off.

Meet _____



The post you never knew you wanted, but it's here anyway......

Oh, and by the way, I got a new doll. If you didn't guess. XD

DISCLAIMER: I'm not trying to boast. At all. She was a gift from my amazing friends who found her on E-bay. They knew that I had wanted this doll for the longest time....and surprised me with her. :) THANK YOU SO MUCH AGAIN! (if you are reading this, shout out!)

So, ready to see who she is?



I'm in love with her deep, ocean-blue eyes and her highlighted hair. She didn't come with her meet outfit, but I think the football stripes compliment her hairstyle. :)

Oh, and before I drop the rest of the's the backstory for the background.
So, my family and I went to go "leaf-peeping" in one of the most beautiful fall locations- Maine. It. was. stunning. On this particular day, we decided to, for some reason, hike up a mountain to get the gorgeous was worth …