It was supposed to be a normal ride-a photostory

 Happy belated Thanksgiving! Merry Christmas in advance! :) I took the pictures for this story a while ago, so you won't see my new doll. Also, the pictures in the beginning are lovely to me, but I am still mastering the art of indoor pictures. Enjoy!

"Hush Starlight."

 I patted her neck lightly. Today was a beautiful day for a ride, and I wasn't about to stop riding just because my horse Starlight Blaize was a little antsy. 

The day was gorgeous! The breeze played gently with my hair, and the crisp autumn air smelled of fall. 

I could barely hear Starlight's hooves as they danced over the soft grass. All was calm. 

Asking her to halt, I planned to let her graze while I enjoyed the atmosphere. 

Suddenly without warning she reared up, causing me to slip off her back sideways! I hardly controlled my scream, knowing it would scare her more if I yelled. 

 Jumping over me, she bolted off. 

I managed to sit up. "Starlight Blaize! No! Come back!" As she faded into the distance, I whispered to myself.

 "Please Starlight! How can I get you back?"


Frantically, I looked around for Kate. I found her calmly combing out Licorice's fur and humming quietly to herself. How could she be quiet at a time like this?! 

"Kate! I lost Starlight! You have to help me!" I practically screamed.

Kate gave me an skeptical look. "Umm Elizabeth, what are you talking about?"

"Didn't you hear me?"I repeated, agitated. "I lost Starlight Blaize! She got spooked and ran away!" Suddenly, I heard a nicker. "Starlight?" I slowly turned around, hoping against hope, yet still scared at what I might not see. 

It was Starlight Blaize! She had come back to me and her home after all! I hugged her in relief. "I love you Starlight! Please never leave again!" She blew air out of her nostrils softly, almost if she was saying 'yes'.

So how did you like it? I think my favorite picture is the opening one. :) I do like to write stories, so let me know how I did with that and the pictures! Constructive criticism is fine, as I'd like to be the best blogger I can be. :)



  1. Great job Just AG! Elizabeth's eyes look so pretty in the third picture :D I really like her outfit!
    - Katie :)

    1. Oh, you're right! I just noticed that! Yes, I love her jeans too! :)

  2. Great job! This was so sweet!


  3. SO PRETTY! I love the second picture! You should definitely do more of these.

    1. Thank you! I know, I am gorgeous! aj;fd get off the keyboard Elizabeth! Sorry about that... Anyway, I might do more, we'll see! :)

  4. I love the fifth picture! This was a super cute story! I enjoyed it so so much!
    ~ The Human

    1. Thanks! I really like the fifth picture too! I'm very glad you liked it! :)


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