Blue Sky Tag!

I was nominated by  Katie from All Doll'd Up to do the Blue Sky tag! Thank you Katie!!!! I have my post background pink because when I copied the questions the pink "tagged" along  of her pink blog! Here are the rules:                                    
#1 Thank the person who nominated you
#2 Answer their 11 questions
#3 Tag 11 new people
#4 Give them 11 more questions to answer

#1 What's your favorite food? 
Cotton candy or a silky milkshake

#2 Have you ever taken dance classes? If so, what kind and did you enjoy it?
I took gymnastics when I was really little, but I am not flexible so... I gave up.

#3 Which one of your dolls is the most like you?
I think Elizabeth looks the most like me, but Kate's personality is more like me.

#4 What do you enjoy doing besides blogging?
I LOVE reading! I also am taking piano lessons (I took them for six years and counting) and I really love to play the piano expressively.

#5 What's your dream doll look like?
My dream doll would be a mix of Grace Thomas and Saige. :)

#6 What's your favorite holiday?

#7 What's your favorite book?
Oh that is hard....I like The Wormling series, Alice in Wonderland and Through the Looking Glass, and I devoured The Secret Series.

#8 What's your second favorite type of doll?
I guess it would be Girl of the year?

#9 DC or Marvels ?

#10 Do you like the Lego Movies? If so, which one is your favorite?
I thought the Lego Ninjago movie was really funny.

#11 Do your pets ever photo bomb your pictures?
Sadly my mom is allergic, so I don't have any indoor pets. :(

Yay! Thanks so much Katie!
I nominate......

Sophie from Project AG Runway
Anna from A Doll's Wardrobe
That is only 5 people, so if you want the tag, comment and you can have it! I honestly don't know anyone else who hasn't gotten the award yet. It seems like a lot of people have. Also, if you have the award and don't want it again, you can just ignore it.
Here are my questions....

#1 Do you like Nanea?
#2 What is your favorite ice cream flavor?
#3 Would you rather eat a leaf or a butterfly wing? (I know, I know, weird question! But it will be fun to see what you say!)
#4 Do you play any instruments or sing?
#5 What is your dream pet?
#6  Logan or Kaya?
#7 What is your current favorite song?
#8 How many dolls do you have?
#9 What is your favorite season?
#10 Favorite color?
#11 Which AG doll is on your wishlist next?

 Have fun!!!! 
p.s. Next post is a review of my suprise NEW DOLL!!! YAY!!!


  1. Yay! Awesome answers! Cotton Candy, Yummmmm :D Wow you've taken piano for a long time! I've been trying to learn how to play the piano, have any tips? AHHHHH!!! I want to know so bad which doll you got!!! I can't wait to see!!!
    - Katie :)

    1. I guess my top tip would be find a song that you really love, and put your heart into it. For a moment don't worry about being loud and soft when they say to, but play the way you think it would sound prettiest. It took me a while, but one day it finally clicked, and I could play pieces with emotion and loud-soft without having to rely on the written music to tell me when to get loud and soft. Crescendos and decrescendos are your best friend. (No problem if you don't know what they are yet. You will!) What music books are you working through? Yes, I am going to post the review today or tomorrow! YAY!

    2. Cool, thank you so much! Well, I first tried an old book I had bought at the thrift store, but it wasn't working to well for me, so now I'm going to try the Teach Yourself to Play Piano book. Which is the book my sister used, so I hope that one works out better :) Yay!!! I'm so excited! I can't wait!
      - Katie :)

    3. Ok, if you have any questions or you get stuck learning a new piano thing, feel free to email me anytime! You have my email from our collab. I'll try my best to help if you want/need it!

    4. Thank you so much! I really appreciate it :)
      - Katie :)


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