For the love of rainbows//a photoshoot

and yes the rainbow was not edited onto her :-)

Sup peeps! I took these pictures a while ago when I was testing out another photo hack. In an upcoming post I'll tell you how I created the rainbows-no editing required! Plus, there'll be some more rainbow pictures. :) The other effects were made by a simple window shade.

NOTE: I feel repetitive saying this, and I'm not trying to boast or anything, but I didn't edit any of these. (except one for flyaways) I just feel like half the magic of these rainbows is that they aren't edited. :)

Let's just start...

also can i just say how much i LOVE ashtyn with bangs? and in this outfit? and with her hair up? XDD

And now: Some extra pictures of Julie! She saw me photographing Ashtyn and begged-yes begged-to have some taken of her. I quote: "But rainbows and slanted light is just so groovy!"

ahhhh! i love you i love you i love you...

Thanks a million for reading! Also, THANK YOUUUUU for 14 followers!!! I haven't even been going a year. :)


  1. Aaaah! I love the ninth and 7th photo soooooo much! Seriously Just AG, you have AMAZING photography skills. You always astound me with your photos!
    CONGRATS ON 14 FOLLOWERS! You are an mega super cool doll blogger:)
    Keep on being awesome ❤️

    1. :D You are soooo sweet Madison! Thank you so SO much! <33333333333333

    2. You’re welcome! By the way, I LOVE Ashtyn’s bangs!!!

    3. Thanks! I fell in love with them the moment I finished the style. :)

  2. These are SO cool JustAG! <3


  3. Ooooooooo so pretty! WAIT WHAT?!? ASHTYN HAS BANGS?!? Did you cut her hair to make them? Yay!!! Congrats on 14 followers!! That's so awesome! Your blog is amazing and I hope you get many more followers in the near future <3
    -Katie :)

    1. <3

      XDD No! I would never! XDDD It's from this tutorial:

      <3 Thank you so much...<3


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