COLLAB with awesomeness // expanding on the Mini Kit BFF friendship

Whew, that title was a mouthful! (but wait I didn't like say it I'm just confused 😉)

 A very special blogging buddy and I teamed up to bring you...well, the title kinda says it. I'll still explain, though. :)

p.s. (the blogging buddy is....KATIE! Whoop whoop!!!)

 A while ago we collaborated in the same theme of Mini Kit besties. Katie took the cake-her mini was just soooo cute! This time, we both took pictures of our Kits (Kit's? Kits'?) in five different categories. What are the categories? Read on to find out!


I love this flower...


I got this effect by putting my dolls on a glass covered wooden table. :) I'm surprised how well it turned out!

#3.4th of July

For those of you wondering, it's a little balloon. :) 

Wait. You meant the dress? Oh, my bad! I made it; it was a no sew dress that took me all of 2 minutes. :)    

hey-psst! did i read your mind ↑ above? lemme know in the comments if i did plse! mwha ha ha...


Probably what I like most about this one is the angle. :-)

#5.Holding the Hand of an 18inch

Why am I so obsessed with this photo..?

Aaaaand, that's a wrap for me! Comment below your favorite-seriously, I'd like to know. :D

BUT WAIT! There's more! Head on over to All Doll'd Up to see Katie's pictures for the categories! I haven't seen them yet so I'm super pumped!!!

p.s. Katie is absolutely awesome guys. Thank you so much for letting me work with you, Katie! :) I had a blast! (I mean Kit had a blast, ha ha)


  1. Oh my goodness I love all your pictures soooooooo much!!! My favorite is the Fourth of July one! That dress you made is adorable <3 thank you so much for asking me to do this with you! I had a- WHAT?! DID I SAY I?! I MENT MINI KIT! MINI KIT HAD A BLAST!! Hehehe ;D
    -Katie :)

    1. XD <33 thank you!

      XD Yes, mini Kit had a blast CERTAINLY NOT you. ;D

  2. Mini Kit looks so cute! I love her dress! Awesome job, guys! My favorite is the last photo, it’s awesome!

    1. :) Aw, thank you!

      And oh! I'm so glad that you like the last photo the best, I think it's my fav too! :D

  3. No problem! ❤️😋


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