Letters from K-a collab

Happy Halloween! Today I'm doing a collab with Natalie from The American Girl Spot | The Spot On The Web For AG© ! Kate really wanted to be penpals with Natalie's doll Kit, so we got together to pass letters. We thought you might want a peek at the letters! Before I get totally started, can I just say that Natalie is a really nice and friendly person to work with? She is so selfless and thinking of others first! Her blog is really neat too!  (she even has an esty! Adorable handmade Fashions for the Stylish by TAGSDollBoutique ) So anyway, Kate started out by writing a letter to Kit.

Dear Kit,
Hi! My name is Kate, and my human wanted me to pen pal you (aren’t humans soooo annoying sometimes?), so here goes nothing… I have one sister named Elizabeth, and a cat named Licorice. Do you have any pets? I also love my mini doll, Kit. Isn’t it weird that my mini doll looks like you and has the same name as you? Creepy.  Anyway, do you have a mini doll? I love the color turquoise, and I usually stay calm in stressful situations. So now that you know more about me, how about you? Let me know in your letter!
 Sincerely yours,

She also put a picture of herself in her letter for Kit:

Kate is really nervous though! (she will also hate me for saying that!) She's worried that Kit might not like her...... Will Kit like her? To find out, go to Natalie's awesome website,  The American Girl Spot | The Spot On The Web For AG© . She will be posting Kit's reply tomorrow! Update: Kate got this pic of Kit, which made even more nervous!  

So stay tuned to Natalie's blog to hear Kit's reply!

p.s. Natalie and her blog are awesome! 


  1. That sounds so fun! I love the pic of Kate, don't be nervous Kate! I'm sure Kit will think your awesome! Happy Halloween!
    - Katie :)


    1. Happy Halloween to you too! The pic of Kate is from an upcoming photo-shoot!

  2. Yay! Fear not, Kate, because Kit's reply is now up on my blog!


  3. Ooh, this is such an awesome collab! I used to do one like it but then I forgot about it XD



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