Kate's outdoor photo-shoot (some of my favorite pics!)

Hi again! So you're probably secretly thinking to yourself, 'another photo shoot?'  Yes, this is another photo-shoot. :) I wanted to do a all my dolls post (Thanks 4 the idea Life of a Farm Doll!!!) but the weather has been cloudy and rainy. :(   Anyway, these are some of my favorite pictures-so enjoy!

Not to boast, but I really really love this outfit! It is basically the Merry Magenta outfit with a jean jacket on top. Thank you so so much for viewing this! Your super kind comments mean a lot to me!



  1. Awesome pictures! Kate is beautiful, I LOVE her outfit! I can't wait to see the all my dolls post :)
    - Katie :)


  2. I love these pictures! So pretty! And the outfit is perfect!
    Are you on instagram?


    1. No, sorry, I'm not... BUT THANK YOU SOOOOO MUCH FOR SUBSCRIBING!!!!!!!!! It really makes me happy!!!!


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