Take 2!

Hey hey hey! It's been literally MONTHS, or I suppose you could say a "year".

After totally tapping out, I think I'm ready to start posting again. (yay) I'm going to try my best, and we'll see where it goes!

So my next question in typing up this post was-  Where do I even go with this"infomercial" post? It's way too boring just to have a few sentences...


I present to you:

Guess That Doll! *cue game music*

Yes, yes, a lot of hype for nothing. ;) But I dived into old GOTYs again to bring you a (hopefully) enjoyable game! As always, there's a throwback picture at the top to keep the suspense!

#1: (somewhat easy but very blurred)

#2: (quite hard)

#3: (even harder?)

Answers: (You may need to highlight and/or copy and paste to see them)
  1.  Lea Clark's Mix and Match swim set
  2. Mia's Performance Outfit
  3. Marisol's Ballet Outfit

And please let me know if these are too easy or too hard! I'm still trying to find the balance. I can definitely ramp it up a lot harder if you guys want. :)

p.s. thanks a million for reading!


  1. YAY!!!! So excited that you're back! Can't wait to see your posts to come! ❤
    -Katie :)


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