40th post.

Approximately one year since Just AG started.

And yet...

here we are again. A (predictable) hiatus/explanation/excuse post.

Yes, I'm not dead. Yes, I totally tapped out of the blogosphere, my blogging email, and this blog.

But I didn't tap out of dreaming about posts, snapping pictures, and literally backpacking a doll up the mountain just to get that perfect shot. (true story that will be told in due time :D)

I have some REALLY exciting news, over 6 post ideas, and tons of pictures that I would love to share! :) You may be saying/thinking right now,

"Seriously, then just get back on and blog!"

I wish I could. Honestly! But...I have so much going on right now in my life. To give you an idea, below is a list ⬇️ (and in no way am i trying to boast)

  • The biggest thing: SCHOOL. I've got basically all honors courses AKA more work. (like, a LOT more work -_-)
  • Music lessons + hour practicing per day (which I love but it still takes up time)
  • regular life
I know, not very impressive at first glance. But hear me out-my parents don't want me to spend too much time staring at a screen, and my schoolwork is mainly on the computer. By the end of the day, I usually don't have enough screen time to type up a post.

Random FAQs:

-Is this goodbye? No. Definitely not.

-Was this post hard to write? Yes. I feel so lame writing this post. But I honestly, truly, don't have time to post on Just AG or be active in the blogosphere at this point. 

-What is the exciting news?  Just 😏

-What happens now? After getting that stuff off my chest, I'm not entirely sure. I don't know when (note that I said WHEN not IF) I'll post again, but hopefully it's soon. :) I have so many summer pictures and a few fall ones that I want to share...

While we're on that subject, let me leave you with a picture. 

<3 you guys, thanks a million for reading :)


  1. Hey, it's ok! I totally understand. We're both kinda in the same pickle barrel, school's hitting hard this year, then I have Nutcracker practice on the weekends, and I'm still trying to post weekly which is really hard sometimes.... I hope to see you back soon! I missed you! <3
    -Katie :)

    P.s. Love that picture!!!

    1. :) Oh wow, I totally get you. Thanks for commenting that. (wish I could watch your program in real life...) <3 Thank you so much! <3

      :D Thanks! :D

  2. We've all written a post like this. It's hard, but life is just so busy sometimes. I can't wait till you come back, though! :)
    ~ The Human

  3. Hi Just AG! I'm not sure if you're checking your blog, but if you are I just wanted to let you know you're an EPIC person! I miss you so much and hope to see you back at it soon :) when you get back let's totally do a Mini Kit collab! Mini Kit misses her bestie ;)
    -Katie :)

    1. I wasn't checking it, but I guess that's obvious now. Thank you so much, you're always so sweet <3 Yes, we should!!


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