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Hey guyz! This post is not something I usually do, as you may have guessed from the title. I'm doing a game type post inspired by Forever American Girl! I'm doing it because I procrastinated again for a change of pace, I mean. ;) 

 So it's basically one of those guess-the-doll games where I blur out a picture and you guys guess who it is! At the bottom are the answers, but I'll make the letters small so it doesn't spoil it. :) If you have a sec, I'd love to hear who you thought it was down in the comments!

 One more thing-these are three Girl of the Year dolls. None of them are in their meet outfits. That would be way too easy. 😏

#1: (Moderately Easy)

#2: (Harder and more blurred than #1)

#3: (If you get this right away....i need to make it harder or you are a GOTY superstar 🌠)

So what do you think? Too easy? Not easy enough? I'd appreciate feedback! Also, if you guys like it, I might make this a monthly series. :D

ANSWERS: (You may need to highlight and/or copy and paste to see them)
  1. Grace Thomas in her Travel coat
  2. Saige Copeland in her Sparkle Dress
  3. Niki Fleming in her Gala Outfit


  1. Before I looked at the answers I typed them out.
    I got them right! I just recognized the color of their outfits. Grace was definitely the easiest with her blue coat thing and the black belt. I've seen it many times. It took be a second but I recognized Saige's bright pink dress and the hair color and length. For Nicky the brown pants with the pink shirt and the hair color made me choose her as a likely candidate, because I'm not really sure any other GOTY has had that color combination.

    I think it would be awesome if you did this as a monthly thing. It wasn't too easy, I've just looked at GOTY's way to much and two of them are mine. XD


    1. Wow, you got them all! I thought Grace would be easy. :)

      Ok, I think I will! XD ok XD

  2. I think the first one is Grace, second Saige, and I had to stare at the last one for a while, then I remembered the colors of her outfit as one of Nikki's. YAY! I got them! That was so fun! I'd love it if you made this a monthly thing :)
    -Katie :)

    1. YAYYY! Good for you! :D Thanks I'm going to! :)

  3. Okay, here are my guesses. I have scrolled past your answers!
    1. Grace
    2. Kanani
    3. Nikki

    1. Thanks for doing it that way, I can tell you didn't cheat. ;D XD

  4. Well, 2 out of 3 isn't bad. :-) Great game!

    1. Yeah, great job! Saige's hair is like Kanani in length so I can see why you thought it was her. :)

  5. I got one lol XD GRACE! Fun game!

  6. This was a super fun game! I got them all right so I guess I'm a GOTY superstar. ;) Totally not.
    I would really like doing a longer one!
    ~ The Human


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