Elizabeth in the Snow......and an announcement

 Hi guys! So, I'm just gonna come right out and say it. I'm...disappointed in myself. I said I'd try to post once a week, but three weeks later here I am....not posting.....

 School is crazy for me. Life is crazy for me right now. I need a break from blogging. I just need.... a hiatus. Not only from posting, but from being in the blogosphere altogether. After a few weeks I might be back in the blogosphere, but I won't be posting for a while. (Not sure exactly how long yet) I'm sorry, but for the next few weeks I'm taking a breather. I want some time to think about new posts, and once I get back I should have more time to post anyway.

Ahem. After that depressing paragraph....I hope you can still enjoy these pictures of Elizabeth (in the snow, lol) 
P.s. I actually took a risk and laid her in the snow! *shivers* XD ;)

What did you guys think? By the way, I will still be answering your comments though for the next week. See you later! :)

P.s. If you're a new reader, I'm so sorry that you caught me at this time....I hope you'll check back later anyway! :)


  1. Great pictures. :) I'll miss you! Come back soon. <3

    Kaitlyn @ Kaits AG Crafts

  2. So pretty! Awww, I'll really miss you, but I totally understand. I've been overloaded with school and trying to get things ready for a craft show I'm taking my doll restoration/crocheting business to. I hope you'll be back soon!
    -Katie :)

    1. Thx! Whoa cool, have fun even through the business of that! :) I hope so too! Thanks for your kind words. <3 :)

  3. Stunning photos! Elizabeth looks awesome in this outfit and the snow. As for lying down, I'm sure the hat and coat protected her.

    With regards to the hiatus...take care of you. You come first. Rest, reflect, recharge. We'll be here if or when you return. In the meantime, you will be missed.

    1. Oh, thank you so much! Yeah, it did protect her. :D

      Thank you Melody! <3 That means a lot. :) <3

  4. Hi Just AG! cute post! The Pics are amazing! Have you herd of Winnie the horse gentler?? it's a book and I have a blog about it called crazy about Winnie. do you mind checking it out? thanks!


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