I meant to type up an explanation post, really, i did! It would have gone something like,

"I have finals creeping up on me, so I won't be able to post for 2ish weeks. See you when I get back!"

But uh, it's kinda obvious something went its been about a month. Whoops.

So, no more 'beating around the bush'-  I was planning to post after finals, but then something in my life kinda blew up in my face. I wasn't wearing any protective gear, so I was quite surprised (which didn't ease the pain). I'm still recovering from it is a permanent explosion. No going back.

I'm sorry to use metaphors and probably confuse you, but as this blog could be read by literally ANYONE online...I guess one can never be too safe. Hope you understand.

But with summer partying into full swing, I'll be posting again weekly. Finally. 

Thanks for hanging in there while I experience the annoying thing that I'm sloshing through …

Kate @ the Lake (apologies for the lame rhyme ;)

Hello dear reader! You might notice- I changed the header picture above. I'm not completely sold on it yet, so feel free to tell me what you think. I do appreciate that it lightens the color scheme..I feel like my blog needed a summery change anyway.

Enough rambling. Let me just stop typing and start peppering you with pictures: 😉

Aaand my friend's lovely Grace peeking out from behind the tree:

So...brace youself. Kate got into her swimsuit for a few pictures by the lake. And no, she did not fall in or get dirty. (whew! I'm still cringing just thinking about it) I would never let that happen. Shoot, I don't even like taking my dolls out in the grass for fear of mud!

A Lakeside Picnic with Friends// feat. my friend's dolls!

Hiiiiiii! For this week's post, I ventured out to my friend's cabin which rests near a scenic lake. She brought 3 of her dolls, and I brought Kate. After unboxing and setting up her picnic set, we found a smooth rock near the lake and starting setting up the scene.

Note to self: Dolls do not sit down on picnic benches without a fight. Kate's friend Jess repeatedly threatened to fall over if she was made to sit down. Sigh, dolls these days. ;)

Still, we stood them up and started snapping some pictures. My amazing friend has an enormous collection of dolls, and she brought Sage, Jess, and Grace (GOTYs).

Without further adieu, enjoy!

And possibly my favorite:

A tiny bit short as a post, but I have a part 2 coming next time! I didn't want to flood one post, so I just decided to split it up.

Thanks a mil for reading! :D <3

p.s. apologies as the lighting is not perfect :)

2 Photography Hacks for the Uninspired Camera-Girl!

So as the title suggests, this post will reveal how I get unedited rainbows in my photos, and how to get the effect shown in the pic above. :) You'll probably be surprised at how easy it is!

Let's start with rainbows....

You may remember that pic ^ from this post. You can use this hack indoors or outdoors, like below!

You're probably screaming right now, "SO JUST TELL ME HOW YOU DO IT, PLEASE!"  Ok, fine. 😉

Yep, just as easy as using an old CD! You can anything from full fledged rainbows (like above), flares in her eyes...


And pretty much any other random effects you discover!

Aaaand next up- how to make pictures like this

Using only this (and some strong sunlight):

It's merely a see through plastic strainer I got at the dollar store. I'm so cheap, haha...