Elizabeth in the Snow......and an announcement

Hi guys! So, I'm just gonna come right out and say it. I'm...disappointed in myself. I said I'd try to post once a week, but three weeks later here I am....not posting.....

 School is crazy for me. Life is crazy for me right now. I need a break from blogging. I just need.... a hiatus. Not only from posting, but from being in the blogosphere altogether. After a few weeks I might be back in the blogosphere, but I won't be posting for a while. (Not sure exactly how long yet) I'm sorry, but for the next few weeks I'm taking a breather. I want some time to think about new posts, and once I get back I should have more time to post anyway.

Ahem. After that depressing paragraph....I hope you can still enjoy these pictures of Elizabeth (in the snow, lol) 
P.s. I actually took a risk and laid her in the snow! *shivers* XD ;)

What did you guys think? By the way, I will still be answering your comments though for the next week. See you later! :)

P.s. If you're a new …

Friends-a (mini) photoshoot

Heyyyy again! Recently my friend came over with her three of her dolls for a get-together. She brought Grace (my favorite!!), Saige, and Charlotte (Madame Alexander). I couldn't resist a photo shoot! She took some pictures too--the one she took is labeled. I can't get over the sun slanting onto Grace and Kate.... :) Enjoy!

Group picture! Elizabeth is just like, "Oh yeah, everyone look at me in front and center!" ;)

Saige couldn't resist our tree, it was perfect for climbing.

Thanks for reading! See you next week! :)

Bonus picture! (She did't hit the ground, don't worry. It was just shot. Yeah, an action shot. :D) P.s. My dolls were afraid to climb the tree, so you probably won't see them hanging upside-down. ;)

A little explanation, Tres Chic:Jan/Feb, and a photo story

Hi. Long time no see. Sorry :(  I have to tell you something though - I can only post once a week. I'm sorry about that, but because of school and cold weather....I just can't post twice a week.  :( I do some school on the computer, and by the time I'm done with school my eyes need a break. Even then, I'm not sure I can get in once a week. I'm sorry to report this, but I have to be transparent.

 Moving on. I present to you..*drum-roll*.. a slightly late Tres Chic: Jan/Feb post/photo story. :)  Last month, Ashtyn won by one vote! The score was 3-2. This time, it's Kit v.s. Julie!

 Hang on a second.... you might be saying to yourself...Kit v.s. JULIE?!?!? She got Julie and didn't say anything?!?!?!? Well, yes and no. I got the Julie mini doll for Christmas. Kinda different that the 18 inch doll. ;)

 Now on to the real post. XD I'm going to let Kit take over so she can tell about the um.. How did you describe it again Kit?   "AMAZING, slightly annoyin…

Here's why you should vote for me for the Paisley awards (shameless self promotion ;)

So as the title states, here's why you should vote for me for the Paisley Awards! In this post I'm going to be showing some of my photography because I was nominated for Best Photography. :) Hopefully by the end of this post you will be convinced to vote for me. 😉 P.s. Like I've said before, I rarely edit my pictures.

Let's start off with my absolute favorite picture. :) (no editing)

And a few more from that shoot:

Some of Elizabeth...

Here are two pictures from my very first photo-shoot: Kate's Last Days of Summer.

Can't forget some of Ashtyn!

And some winter pictures...